Sidearm Elite 2

  • $79.90


The Sidearm Elite 2 is the brilliant upgrade on the world conquering Sidearm Elite Through stringent testing and design refinements over the last 12 months the Sidearm Elite is now faster, stronger & stiffer than ever before. A stiff flex shaft allows maximum velocity for even the weakest shoulder and specially designed moulded cradle provides coaches with the ultimate training tool. Easily mastered, the use of the Sidearm Elite™ will improve batsmen at any level.

  • Greater Speed & Accuracy
  • Fibreglass stiffens the shaft & strengthens the cradle.
  • Modified cradle design strengthens the ‘claws’.
  • Moulded cavity for ball seam.
  • Used and loved by the worlds best players.
  • Begin throwing slowly with a vertical arm to learn the optimum release point.
  • Turn 90 degrees to generate leg / off spin.
  • ALWAYS where a helmet when facing a Sidearm.
  • Wrap handle with  a wrap-a-round bat or tennis grip for greater feel & accuracy.
  • Never use to pick up balls or stop moving balls.
  • Always store your Sidearm with a ball in the cradle to protect from breakage.