Newbery Velo GT 5 Star Junior Bat

  • $249.90

Newbery Velo GT 5 Star Bat

The perfect bat for fast hands to create some serious velocity. VELO GT sits between a Harrow and SH in size, with weights starting at 2lb 6oz.

  • Hand crafted in the UK
  • Grade 3 English Willow
  • Shape designed from the original GT, incorporating the iconic GT purple
  • Mid to high sweet sport, perfect for shots all around the ground.
  • Full, long spine which creates a beautiful balance and feel.
  • Slightly bigger bow to enhance pick up.
  • Full Profile with a very wide sweet-spot
  • Includes Factory Fitted Face Cover and Toe Guard
  • Factory Knock In - Ready to Play
  • Junior sizes: Harrow, 6, 5