Newbery Invictus 5 Star Bat

  • $399.90

Newbery Invictus 5 Star Bat

New for 2019 and the biggest selling range in the UK!

Clean, powerful and classy. Become undefeated at the crease with the new Invictus!

At the start of each new innings, what batsman doesn’t dream of being undefeated at the crease? And this is where the Invictus Range really shows its true colours. Every aspect of this striking, eye-catching range is geared up to perform, with precision and flair.

  • Hand Crafted in the UK
  • Mid to low sweet-spot, perfect for shots all around the ground
  • Completely rounded back for added power with a beautiful balance and feel
  • Slightly bigger bow to enhance pick up
  • A full profile with extra wide sweet-spot