GripGrip Strips

  • $14.90

GripGrip Strips

GripGrip is a highly flexible and stretchy rubber tape that when applied properly to a cricket bat handle, will stop the grip moving.

The inventors realised that rubber doesn’t move much when it is stretched tight over rubber. In order to put rubber under a bat grip it has to be very thin or the batsman will feel it and that will not work. By employing a special vulcanisation process, GripGrip developed an extremely stretchable thin tape that has no negative effect on the grip; in fact it has a positive effect, making the grip feel more secure.

GripGrip has no adhesive, it simply binds to itself, making it easy to remove leaving no sticky residue.

This original product is used by most professional cricketers around the globe.

  • If you only have one or two bats then these pre-cut strips are ideal.
  • Four strips in each pack, conveniently packed in two separate bags to use on your bat.
  • As per our instructions you should use two strips per bat, so there is enough tape for two bats.