Feed Buddy

  • $199.90

Feed Buddy

The Feed Buddy is a revolutionary new batting aid that allows batsmen to hone their shot-making skills anywhere you can swing a bat.  

An absolute essential for the development of world class basics through accurate predictable "under arm" throws for hours on end. 

The Feed Buddy is perfect for the backyard, nets and Cricket Clubs. A must for every young aspiring cricketer or batsman who wants to improve their technique.

  • Works with Tennis Balls & Feed Buddy Balls (light, soft bowling machine balls)
  • Allows 360 shot selection   
  • Battery Powered
  • Use anywhere you can swing a bat
  • Backed by manufacturing patents
  • Set up takes just 30 seconds
  • 4 settings to adjust distance & trajectory 

Why coaches love them:

  • You're not stuck behind a machine feeding balls all session
  • You can assess technique from different angels   
  • Safer than wheel spun machines
  • Easily fits in your coaching kit bag & car boot
  • Can be used almost anywhere, no more cancelled sessions
  • Allows multiple clients drilling together

What’s in the box:

  • Feed Buddy Ball Machine
  • Ball Stacker (10)
  • Balls sold separately 
  • Batteries not included (4x D Batteries)

Machine: $199.90

Ball Stacker Extension: $25.00

Light Machine Balls 6 pack: $49.90