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Fantail Bat Wax

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Fantail Bat Wax

Fantail Bat Wax is the best way to maintain the look and life of your cricket bat.

Fantail Bat Wax is basically linseed oil in a solid state which both seals and nourishes your cricket bat in an easy and mess free application.

Fantail Bat Wax acts like a traditional Linseed oil by nourishing the willow and the bees wax offers a protective coat by sealing the grain from any excess moisture. This product also gives the bat a shine which just linseed oil can't achieve on it's own. It not only improves the look but also the life span of your bat.

Comes in a 80ml Aluminium tin

Directions for use: 

Make sure the bat is clean of dirt & dust. Using your finger, apply a small amount of wax to the back edges and face of your bat. Try to avoid the stickers & facing. Approximately 1 teaspoon of wax should cover the bat. Leave the bat for 30 minutes and then buff with a lint free cloth