• $49.90


Convert your white cricket pads into coloured cricket pads in an instant - as easy as pulling on a sock!

CLADS are a unique product with many benefits:

  • Use on batting / wicket-keeping pads - junior / senior pads
  • Made from two specialised durable fabrics
  • Protect existing cricket pads
  • Easy to take with you
  • Save costs
  • Easy to clean
  • Great advertising opportunity for sponsors
  • Comply with the Laws of Cricket
  • Wide range of colours to match your team

Clads are a unique product which convert white cricket batting and wicket-keeping pads into coloured cricket pads. Clads are made of two specialised fabrics and are applied to your plain white cricket pads in much the same way as you would pull a sock on over your foot.

All forms of local cricket competitions are embracing 20/20 competitive cricket matches as part of their annual fixtures. As part of that movement, competitions are requiring coloured cricket clothing and are now moving rapidly towards requiring coloured protective cricket equipment, such as cricket pads. Clads, with many other advantages, are a cost-effective way of complying with coloured cricket pad requirements.