ASICS Menace 4 Boots -White/Silver

  • $320.00

ASICS Menace 4 Boots -White/Silver

The lightweight MENACE has been a popular choice for many seasons. Made from a combination of materials including Nylon in the outsole and a microfiber upper, making it nice and lightweight. Strain on limbs is also reduced thanks to the boot’s clever HG10mm heel raise technology, which helps players have a forward-leaning posture. The MENACE is light, responsive and flexible.

Width: D standard - STANDARD

For men the standard shoe width is D, going up to a wide fitting 2E and the widest a 4E. In New Zealand the most common shoe width size* for men is a 2E.


Surface: Field

Heel drop: 10mm

Weight: 220g

Support: Neutral

Cushion: Regular

Product Features


The HG10mm™ technology lessens the load on the leg and the impact on the knee when running forward in sports such as soccer and rugby, supporting comfortable movement.

Injection Nylon Outsole

An injection moulded nylon outsole that has great definition and is super lightweight.