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2mm Sports Rock Grip

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2mm Sports Rock Grip

The Rock is designed for young aspiring cricketers. The contours help establish optimal gripping from their early stages.  The Rock:

  • Provides a foundation for the perfect grip;
  • Allows certainty and reliability;
  • Challenges gripping habits that aren’t optimal;
  • Develops muscle memory;
  • Enables the batsman’s focus to be on the ball rather than the grip.
  • ROCK is designed to fit on narrow handled harrow bats and sizes 4, 5 and 6 (taping to bulk out needed for thinner handles).


2mm Sports ROCK Grip (youth) is a cricket bat grip that is contoured to provide a more effective gripping surface, providing the player with more chance of consistently executing a perfect grip.  It is not only a great training aid, but also suitable for use during game time.

It is well established that the grip is one of the most critical aspects to get right for any batsman. Without a correct and functional grip, a batsman will encounter a multitude of other problems and limitations in their game.  We found from our coaching experiences that the grip, while so simple, is actually one of the hardest aspects of batting to master.  Developed over a number of years, through many hours of research and development, we have honed the ROCK to deliver the ultimate gripping surface. The grip meets the hands at what we consider to be the optimal contact points. The world's first functional imprint of a technically perfect grip provides an ideal gripping surface.  This tool can replace many hours of coaching and help you perfect the most critical fundamental skill in batsmanship there is.

Feedback from players is that ROCK has improved their gripping of the bat.  As the ROCK gripping surface is contoured the player has more chance of consistently executing a perfect grip.  Players with an effective grip are more likely to play the ball late, hit the ball cleanly and not have to think about their grip when in the heat of competition.